Progetto di una chiesa a Rukomo, Rwanda

Tipologia: Concorso di progettazione 
Anno: 2019

Localizzazione: Rukomo, Rwanda, Africa
Programma: Chiesa per 100 fedeli
Committente: Young Architect Competition
Oggetto: Sviluppo concept e progettazione preliminare
Team di progetto: Leopoldo Russo Ceccotti e Valeria Cecchetti

As a source of everything there is the idea of a path. The search for the Divine digs inside each human being. It is a non linear path, not straight, not always clear, made of narrow ways and expansions. Yet this search is an intimate and comfortable journey, where unbelievable events become normal e possibile. The chapel has been conceived as the core of the path, where the priest and the believers meet, it’s a walk inside the nature, symbol of all things created. The shape of the chapel is as informal as symbolic. It is the mix of the idea of an excavation (to be in contact with the earth) and a christian cross (the metaphysical). The deconstruction procedure gives an aspect of imperfect simplicity. The covering of the chapel is a fragment of soil suspended over the believer, almost flying. Inside a system of domes recalls one of the archetype of church architecture but also, the shapes of the traditional Rwanda buildings techniques. The covering rests on 100 hundred columns, slim in each singularity, but resistant and robust as a unique system. The number is not casual, it evokes the horrible genocide of Rwanda that lasted 100 days. The chapel has a central path and two wings. On the left a thin line of water brings to the baptismal font, on the right a series of niches waits for a candle to be lighted on, a small fire for prayers. The chapel has been designed to be built with poor and traditional materials, like wood, stone and raw earth. It reflects the simplicity and the richness of spirit of the Rwanda community.